Easy hair for dirty girls

I basically rock (yes, I said rock) two styles for OCR, after that one disastrous time that I wore a ponytail.

Ladies, NEVER wear a ponytail.

Unless you fancy getting clothes-lined by a hole in a cargo net, or leaving your head behind you, in which case, pony up.

Depending on whether I want to look twelve or not, I wear french plaited pigtails, or a variation on a french braid that I have affectionately nicknamed ‘The drunk french plait’.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of you say that you could never do a plait by yourself.  I’d wager that if you have full use of your arms (and functioning rotator cuffs), you probably can.  I’ve done a couple of videos to show you just how quick an easy it can be, but I’m aware that they’re a bit dark, so I will re-do them at some point.

All you need is a seperator (like a tail comb or something), a brush (I like Tangle Teezers) and some bobbles (preferably plastic ones as they don’t take on water and end up smelling like pond weed).


Now before you start, if you’re one of those people who finish a race, clatter into the changing tent, stand there in all of your muddy, wet finery and think:

…Then here’s a tip.  Grab one of these products:


Coconut oil. About 85p


Really posh Argan oil, about the price of a flat in Hull

That’s coconut oil and Argan oil.  One is considerably less expensive than the other, and honestly? It’s better.  If you slather coconut oil on your hair before you style it, it might make styling slightly harder, but you’ll be conditioning your hair AS YOU RACE, which makes for a very smug lady indeed.  I have put these products next to my dog to emphasise how lustrous and enviable her hair is, and you can have that too.  If you can’t get your hands on these products, pretty much any conditioner, deep, leave-in or otherwise will help protect your hair as you fill it with pond water.

ANYWAY here are the two styles:

The Dirty Heidi

You can go Dutch if you want the plait to sit out all 3D on your head (photo on the left).  For the more reserved amongst you, French plaits (photo on the right) fold the plait underneath (and look a bit tidier, in my opinion).


And here’s me attempting to show you how:

The Drunk French Plait

Dead easy.  It’s basically a french plait gone all skew whiff, which is actually easier to do by yourself because it doesn’t need to be in any way straight.


If you can get past the fact that I look like a my little pony in a sweatshirt, here’s the video for that too.

Pinterest it ain’t, but if you find yourself with a spare few minutes, just practice.  It’s like yoga just for your arms!


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