The Shoe Review: More Mile Cheviot 2

More Mile are seriously onto something with these shoes.  My dad, who is crazy about running, recommended the Cheviots to me, so they were my first OCR and trail running shoe, a steal at £30, but you can get them for £20 if you shop around.

They’re pretty utilitarian in their appearance, but to be honest, once they’re covered in mud, all shoes look the same.

In terms of comfort, the Cheviots are just fine – not really any different to normal gym trainers.  The only time that they have felt a bit weird is after I ran through a lake at Gladi8or, and my cold feet could feel the lugs pounding the harder ground.

They’re quite a supportive shoe, with good heel coverage.  I don’t wobble about on my ankles much in them, and they feel sturdy.  You can also put your trust in their grip, because they have honestly never slipped out from under me, even on slippery wooden surfaces, whereas the Fellraisers have.

They seem pretty durable to me, and I still use them to train in even though they aren’t my go-to race shoes anymore, though to be honest, even if they weren’t, they are so cheap that you could get three pairs to one lot of Inov8, Salomon or Icebug shoes, so it’s almost irrelevant.  The only reason I don’t use them in claggy, muddy races anymore is because I did find myself having to stop and re-do my laces mid race.  This could probably be remedied by investing in some Xtenex laces, but the draw of the Salomon lacing system was just too much for me.

As far as drainage goes, they aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst either.  To my untrained feet, impeded drainage won’t be the difference between first and second place.  If you’re constantly in and out of water and racing for speed then I suspect they will annoy you a bit, but I doubt I’m ever going to be that girl.


Puppy approved

The More Mile Cheviots/Cheviot 2 are a fantastic entry level shoe – perfect for someone who isn’t sure whether they want to invest in a lot of kit when they’re starting out, and brilliant to train in.  Well worth having in your kit bag at all times even if they aren’t your first choice race shoe.


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