The Shoe Review: Salomon X-Scream

Owing to my apparently addictive personality, it took about 2 months for me to get an itchy credit card and want another pair of trainers.  As spring and summer loom, most girls may be looking into work appropriate skirts, but I was worried about the ground getting harder, and the lugs on my Fellraisers becoming a bit pointless.

I wanted to start doing Park Run, and noted the route in my local park comprised tarmac and trail.  This called for a shoe that could do both without jarring the shit out of me.  So I took myself to Sweatshop to have a chat to the nice people that work there.  I tried on the Nike Terra Kiger, the Zoom Wildhorse, some Inov8 Trailrocs and settled on the Salomon X Scream.  They were pretty, had that lacing system I’m pretty into, and felt like a solid, supportive shoe.  I went a size up to my normal shoe size, and they didn’t have that in stock, so I ended up with a 5.5 (I’m normally a 4), and they still fit really well, even with thin socks.  Sold.

Support-wise, these feel sturdier than the Fellraisers.  You still feel as though you have shoes on, and can wiggle your toes about.  (I freak out a bit if I can’t move my toes freely. No, I don’t know why). They are also probably the most comfortable shoes I have, and are good for resting my feet before and after races in the more aggressive shoes.

I’m going to have to come back and update this post with regard to drainage, but I strongly suspect this isn’t their forte, as they are quite material heavy.

The grip obviously isn’t as tough as with heavier lugged shoes – but it isn’t designed to be.  They hold their ground on slippery logs, wood obstacles and on ropes, they don’t slip on wet tarmac, concrete or grass, which makes them a great crossover option/dry weather trail shoe.

There’s no question as to whether they will stay on – they boast the same nifty lace system as their Salomon sisters and I love it.  It will of course have the same ‘sticking’ issue in heavy, sandy mud, but whatever, at least your shoes won’t fall off.

As a well made, sturdy shoe I have no doubt that they are durable, but come check back in a few months to see if they’re still alive!


are you sensing a pattern with the shoe shots?


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