The Recovery Runs 2: Remy Runs

The second leg of my Recovery Runs started with me hiding from my dad as I heard him clipping on his heart rate monitor. I was huddled on the couch, praying he’d forget that he wanted to take me for a run.

Two days ago, I set my 10k trail PB with him patiently pacing me, waiting for me to catch up with him, and showing off by doing zigzag runs whilst I huffed, puffed and swore internally through the first 5k.

My dad runs almost every day, and can go for miles. Fun fact: he was arrested for indecency in the UAE because of his fondness for running in Lycra. Yes, he’s that kind of dad.

Synching his Garmin to my TomTom runner, I knew he would be taking this daughter-improvement seriously, so as a buffer so I could ‘go slow’ today, I opted to take Remy with me.

Remy is a 6kg Shih Tzu with 4 inch legs.


Gameface on. MudPaws (c) on.

And the bloody dog smashed my run time from yesterday. Remy has surpassed all reasonable expectations of her being a bit of a wussy dog, and has morphed into possibly the fittest Shih Tzu in the country, if not the world. [Uncomfirmed].

It was at around KM 7 that I started to amuse myself with thoughts of getting Remy to fundraise through taking on various running or OCR challenges. We raised some cash for Battersea last year for doing a Muddy Dog Race, so it’s not beyond her capabilities to do athletic things for money.

And so, over the next few months, Remy will be taking on an 100-mile challenge. Together we’re going to rack up miles and moneys for Southern Shih Tzu Rescue. In her #RemyRuns campaign, she would love to raise £1 from each mile she bounds over so that she can help her less fortunate furry friends #PoundforPound.

You can follow her progress here, and also on her Instagram.

But I digress. This evening’s run felt a lot easier over the first few KM, and I only got sick of it at around 7.5KM before resolving that I was nearly home and should stop bloody whinging.  Dad was wearing headphones anyway, so he couldn’t hear me chuntering.

We ran at twilight, so whilst I covered 10,000 metres, I also consumed about 10,001 midges, which I am not sure how I feel about. Nevertheless, the feeling of knocking 3 minutes off of my best time whilst accompanied by my best friend was a GOOD FEELING, even if the last few paces made me feel like I was running on electrified panels as the dizzies began to set in.

Safely ensconced in a Snuggie, however, I feel confident that tomorrow, my rest day, will be a Very Good Day.


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