Remy Actually Runs

Since Remy has successfully managed to complete a 5k obstacle race in aid of Battersea Dogs’ Home, I think I can put her dogged determination to good use, and get her running to raise money for another awesome charity, Centrepoint. Her pal, Laura Try, of LT Factor is tirelessly raising funds through various means (mainly rowing) to help the cause, so Remy wanted to join in.

The next chapter of #RemyRuns will be various distance or race challenges. Here are the rules:

Remy will take on running challenges, be it distance or racing LT rowing.

Remy can spread the distance challenges over several runs, as she is very little.

Remy will be fitted with a kindly donated GPS to measure her pace, distance covered and to prove that she isn’t slacking.

Remy will NOT be running if it is too hot, or the conditions would not be healthy for her.

Remy will be accompanied at all times on her runs by a qualified vet.

She will run off-lead where possible, providing it is safe to do so.

She will never run injured.

Remy will have as many water, poo and pee breaks as she wants, and will not be forced to continue if she is too tired.

Remy will post her progress on her Instagram account (@littleshihtzu) and here.

If you would like to donate to Remy’s challenge, please check out

Remy will be wearing an all weather summer length dog-hair suit and sporting a well worn-in set of MudPaws©. This state of the art footwear boasts several keratin-layered dynamic footpads, interspersed with quick-dry tufts of fur. Each digit boasts a small, sturdy claw for gripping muddy surfaces and making a pleasing clacky noise on harder ground.

remy feet



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