JD goes NUTS

The downside to your life picking up is that certain things fall by the wayside. My blog has been one of them. So, without further ado, and a whole month late, I’m going to review the last event of 2015; JD goes NUTS.

JD is a race with, and I’ve said this before, a lot of heart. It’s a smaller outfit than you might think, but they manage to put on very polished events that maintain a gritty, home grown atmosphere. NUTS is bordering on a national institution; it’s a permanent course, with a loose military feel. So when two titans of UK obstacle course racing met, it was bound to be an exciting day.


I know, we’re painfully cool

The course

The course was essentially a lap of the NUTS land, minus the lakeside obstacles and larger bodies of water. We were collectively thankful for this, given a) that it was cold, and b) we had to lug a 30kg sandbag and two tyres round in a team of up to 6. (Ours was a team of 5 after a last minute injury).

With some teammates carrying injuries that did not prevent them running, the carries had to be divided up so as not to further destroy Simon and his bad back, and Jodi with her gippy foot. This was made especially difficult by the sandbag getting so wet that it took on much more weight. Basically, we navigated NUTS with a stroppy Rottweiler over our shoulders.

Needless to say, the course was well organised, marshalled and easy to navigate, and it really was good fun to negotiate obstacles that are normally pretty easy with the added burden of a tyre around your shoulders or a sandbag that is half your own weight.

It became apparent that the JD elements would not be course based, but were the grim and relentless carry element and an extra wall climb. This was actually a bit of a shame, as it would have been great to have more JD stamped all over the event. I don’t doubt that this has been fed back to the RDs, and I hope if they collaborate again, JD will get more than just a foot in the door when it comes to course design.


This was my last event for RAW ;_;

The kit

  • Sub sports cold gear, top and bottoms (performed brilliantly; new favourite winter gear)
  • Inov-8 merino long sleeved top (old faithful)
  • Nike hyperwarm base layer (can you see where I’m going with this…)
  • Tech tee
  • Neoprene socks with Nike anti-blister socks underneath
  • Salomon Fellraisers
  • A santa hat (well… It actually kept my head incredibly warm)
  • Neck wrag
  • O’Neill FLX neoprene gloves

The gear

Photographs, a JDgN wrag, a nice medal, general warm fuzziness

The verdict

A great winter warmer, but would like to see more of a JD stamp on it if it happened again. A brilliant way to end the year, with it being a team event, and a perfect warm up for the Mudstacle Awards.


Also available in muddy


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