This girl did: Group Therapy

I think it’s fair to say that this little blog has been somewhat neglected, but it’s not for want of me thinking about it and *trying* to get things done. But if I’ve learned anything from the experience I’m about to describe, it’s that I can no longer afford to beat myself up about that, because I’m learning how to pace. Continue reading


Lower your expectations! Or, forgive yourself.

Despite the oft-posted doom and gloom about feeling tired, I have slotted quite nicely back into the real world. It helps that Real World happenings have been peppered with beautiful holidays, random trips to Toughest Copenhagen, the Red Bull Steeplechase, and of course, the OCR World Champs. I have been tired. Very tired. Exhausted even. But that has been tinged with a quiet air of accomplishment and happiness, and I am just fine with that. Continue reading

The Swedest Thing: Training Abroad

How getting out of town got me out of my head

Everybody needs a bit of downtime once in a while. Unfortunately a lot of my internal stress comes from not having the chance to do any exercise, consistently underperforming at races and not seeing a great improvement in my fitness. The obvious answer was therefore to combine an adventure abroad with some training. That’s where Toughest LAB came in. Continue reading

Why the UK Championship is not on my calendar

Well, one might say I’ve always struggled with the UK Champs, despite it only having existed for a year. I almost bottled it in November, and I intermittently sobbed my way around the course, aiming for completion rather than any semblance of competition. That was more of a reflection of my state of mind at the time, rather than the race itself, because Nuclear is fantastic. The course was very well thought out, and the obstacles were largely achievable with appropriate training.

Somehow, despite the absolutely fantastically innovative and deserving Judgement Day team taking over the build for 2016, in one of my favourite venues no less, the idea of going to the UK Champs this year is about as appealing as sticking my foot in a blender. And there’s a reason for that – our own governing body. Continue reading

Tough Guy: I finally get it

It’s midnight, and I’ve just taken some Night Nurse. This could be nonsense or it could be utterly profound, but most likely it will sit somewhere in the middle.

I’ve been fighting off the beginnings of some kind of Evil Virus (possibly just a cold) this week, and it’s come at a time where I really didn’t need it. Alas, it is here and I have to just cope with it because neither hell nor high water (and there’ll be a lot of that) will stop me from running Tough Guy the Original tomorrow. Continue reading