Ready for the Judgement Day

Despite this being my first year of OCR, I have managed to attend a LOT of races. One of the biggest feathers missing from my cap, however, was Judgement Day. This had left a big hole in my OCR calendar, and I’m really not sure why I hadn’t signed up to JD Bordon. Perhaps I had anticipated being dead after worlds. Either way, I found myself on the cusp of a depressive episode, late on a Friday night, suffering preemptive FOMO as I saw people getting ready for Judgement Day.  Then, like a gift from the muddy gods, a ticket fell into my lap, and then I really didn’t have any excuse not to tear apart my room looking for race kit.

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Musings on The World Championships

I’m sure that by now, you are well and truly over it. You’ve endured the pictures, the wanky statuses, the ‘you had to be there’, jokes and the tales of our trials and tribulations on our quest to keep that little rubber band.

Well, sorry, but you’re going to have to deal with it awhile longer. I went to the OCRWC and I haven’t really been able to write about the race yet. But now I can. Lucky you. Continue reading

Want to meet a real man?

If I told you I was going to write an article on a group of people comprising predominantly middle class white men, I’m pretty sure you’d assume it wasn’t complimentary. Patriarchy! Glass ceiling! Sexism! Yes, those things all exist, and yes, a bunch of middle class white men are largely to blame for a lot of it. But this is about a rather different animal: the OCR man. Continue reading

There will be mud: Nuclear Rush

Well, this was unexpected. I had not actually planned to run Nuclear Rush last weekend, but as luck would have it, my acute jealousy coincided with a place becoming available with the Mudstacle team. Extended, kind, ticket-bearing hand bitten off, and I was in the car with the dog in tow with the promise of a borrowed tent and sleeping bag. Prepared, I was not. I’d only got Haribo and 9 bars to survive on. This, I must point out, is not my usual camping style Continue reading