Run Run Don’t Worry: Rat Race Dirty Weekend

20 miles is a long way to run. No matter how you look at it, it’s a daunting prospect. Strangely it’s the one detail of Rat Race Dirty Weekend that I allowed to slip from my consciousness until mere days beforehand. It seemed obvious that I was going to have a great time socially, what with the vast majority of my OCR pals being in attendance. It was a given that the three legged race, and dance tent were going to be a riot. The fact that I had never run 20 miles in my LIFE was conveniently filed somewhere behind all of that fun in my brain. Continue reading


The Major Series: Do Something FUN.

I’m lucky in many respects. One of the things that I count myself fortunate for is my circle of friends, acquaintances, run buddies and, not least, the people who see potential in me.

It is a slightly alien feeling for me to feel wanted and included; yet another deep seated issue that isn’t worth explaining because I know many other with anxiety know that feeling inside out. That’s why it has been so important to me, and so fulfilling to be part of Mudstacle. Part of the reason why my race reviews on my own site have been sporadic and late, is because I’m reviewing them over there, and it’s a little difficult to review the same thing twice without boring myself to tears.
So, for your interest, I reviewed the Major Series South over on Mudstacle, and if you fancy reading that, go right ahead. TL;DR, it was really fun.

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Tough Guy: I finally get it

It’s midnight, and I’ve just taken some Night Nurse. This could be nonsense or it could be utterly profound, but most likely it will sit somewhere in the middle.

I’ve been fighting off the beginnings of some kind of Evil Virus (possibly just a cold) this week, and it’s come at a time where I really didn’t need it. Alas, it is here and I have to just cope with it because neither hell nor high water (and there’ll be a lot of that) will stop me from running Tough Guy the Original tomorrow. Continue reading