Run Run Don’t Worry: Rat Race Dirty Weekend

20 miles is a long way to run. No matter how you look at it, it’s a daunting prospect. Strangely it’s the one detail of Rat Race Dirty Weekend that I allowed to slip from my consciousness until mere days beforehand. It seemed obvious that I was going to have a great time socially, what with the vast majority of my OCR pals being in attendance. It was a given that the three legged race, and dance tent were going to be a riot. The fact that I had never run 20 miles in my LIFE was conveniently filed somewhere behind all of that fun in my brain. Continue reading


The Major Series: Do Something FUN.

I’m lucky in many respects. One of the things that I count myself fortunate for is my circle of friends, acquaintances, run buddies and, not least, the people who see potential in me.

It is a slightly alien feeling for me to feel wanted and included; yet another deep seated issue that isn’t worth explaining because I know many other with anxiety know that feeling inside out. That’s why it has been so important to me, and so fulfilling to be part of Mudstacle. Part of the reason why my race reviews on my own site have been sporadic and late, is because I’m reviewing them over there, and it’s a little difficult to review the same thing twice without boring myself to tears.
So, for your interest, I reviewed the Major Series South over on Mudstacle, and if you fancy reading that, go right ahead. TL;DR, it was really fun.

Continue reading

I came, I saw, I am: Tough Guy

Mark Twain gets it. He said, “A classic is something everybody wants to have read, and nobody wants to read.”

I can apply this very apt quote to many things in my life, for example, I want to *have seen* certain classic horror movies, but I don’t want to watch them. This quote applies itself beautifully to another classic: Tough Guy, The Original. It is a race we want to *have done*, but the actual process of completing it? Not so much. Continue reading

Giving anxiety a run for its money: Dirty Dozen 18k

I’d never done a Dirty Dozen before, but my god, had I heard about them. Doug ‘The Beard’ Spence has near legendary status within OCR and a reputation for putting on a good show over a slightly longer distance than advertised. I knew vaguely what to expect, but I didn’t foresee how I would react to the challenges the course presented. That is, to say, I think I had a mental breakdown. Continue reading

Feeling Mudnificent: Mud7

There would be little point in me reiterating my review of this race with different wording, because my article on OCR Europe summed up my thoughts exactly. You can read that here, and save that link because big things gon’ happen with OCR Europe this year.

For a more personal touch, I’ll just talk about a few more of my own experiences from the Mudnificent 7, because it was preeeeetty emotional. Continue reading

There will be mud: Nuclear Rush

Well, this was unexpected. I had not actually planned to run Nuclear Rush last weekend, but as luck would have it, my acute jealousy coincided with a place becoming available with the Mudstacle team. Extended, kind, ticket-bearing hand bitten off, and I was in the car with the dog in tow with the promise of a borrowed tent and sleeping bag. Prepared, I was not. I’d only got Haribo and 9 bars to survive on. This, I must point out, is not my usual camping style Continue reading