For the girls of UK OCR, who don’t always get what they deserve

Wrapped snugly in my embarrassingly floral dressing gown with a recently washed and disgruntled dog wrapped around my shoulders, I am feeling pretty comfortable, in the physical sense, anyway. What is rather uncomfortably occupying my mind is the day I have had. My day isn’t really a patch on what the racers went through. Continue reading


Taming the Beast: Spartan Beast Review

I approached the Spartan Beast at the weekend with trepidation. Not because I was scared about running, but because Spartan has been about as reliable as Pierce Brosnan’s singing voice. Every race I have attended seemed to be the ‘worst one yet’ and every race I couldn’t attend was ‘ermagerdamazing’. So given that this was the only Beast in the UK this season, I didn’t hold out much hope that the shaky administration system could hold the number of Spartans clamouring for a trifecta.

Thankfully, my worries were unfounded. Continue reading

The Bigfoot Issue

I trust those of you with your finger on the pulse of all things UK OCR will have seen the recent and widely varied feedback about The Bigfoot Challenge of last weekend. I can only talk of my personal experience. I’m not going to get into the petty lies and drama, because, quite simply, I have bigger and scarier things to worry about.

Continue reading

Giving anxiety a run for its money: Dirty Dozen 18k

I’d never done a Dirty Dozen before, but my god, had I heard about them. Doug ‘The Beard’ Spence has near legendary status within OCR and a reputation for putting on a good show over a slightly longer distance than advertised. I knew vaguely what to expect, but I didn’t foresee how I would react to the challenges the course presented. That is, to say, I think I had a mental breakdown. Continue reading