Lower your expectations! Or, forgive yourself.

Despite the oft-posted doom and gloom about feeling tired, I have slotted quite nicely back into the real world. It helps that Real World happenings have been peppered with beautiful holidays, random trips to Toughest Copenhagen, the Red Bull Steeplechase, and of course, the OCR World Champs. I have been tired. Very tired. Exhausted even. But that has been tinged with a quiet air of accomplishment and happiness, and I am just fine with that. Continue reading


The Swedest Thing: Training Abroad

How getting out of town got me out of my head

Everybody needs a bit of downtime once in a while. Unfortunately a lot of my internal stress comes from not having the chance to do any exercise, consistently underperforming at races and not seeing a great improvement in my fitness. The obvious answer was therefore to combine an adventure abroad with some training. That’s where Toughest LAB came in. Continue reading

Remy Actually Runs

Since Remy has successfully managed to complete a 5k obstacle race in aid of Battersea Dogs’ Home, I think I can put her dogged determination to good use, and get her running to raise money for another awesome charity, Centrepoint. Her pal, Laura Try, of LT Factor is tirelessly raising funds through various means (mainly rowing) to help the cause, so Remy wanted to join in. Continue reading

On losing my mojo

For approximately 3k in any race, I pretty much want to die, stop running, give up OCR, take up knitting, or start creating a basic shelter in surrounding woodland in which I can hibernate. In short, it takes me a while to warm up. By about 4k, I start to feel positive about the fact that I’m getting into the swing of it, finding a sensible pace and not overtly negative about my life choices. By the end of the race, I’ve forgotten what my stupid brain was whining about and I’ve got my game face on for a sprint finish. Continue reading